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Uncle Raditz is PISSED!

2011-01-26 17:11:08 by T3CHN0Fi3ND

Though not as much a I should be. I'm still sick and one of my ears is extremely backed up, making my head feel odd and everything sound weird.

But in any case, I uploaded a new song for y'all today! Hope ya like it. It's a themesong for the badass character in the picture below.

Uncle Raditz is PISSED!

I was gonna put up a new song yesterday, but I was suddenly hit with some weird illness that had me sleeping the entire day. I was still sick today, and I'm still sick now, but to a much lesser extent. However, I'm gonna wait until I feel better to put up a new song.

Disappointed? Here, this awesome picture I found will tide you over.

"Maybe I'd better check in to St.Illness."--Miranda Cossgrove


2011-01-20 19:30:46 by T3CHN0Fi3ND

I've recently become obsessed with the UK Hardcore song, "DEVIL" by DJ S3RL. It really made me think of what I consider my lifestyle to be.

I consider myself to be a "devil". Not a fire-breathing demon from Hell mind you, no. I think of the term "devil" as someone that dares to challenge man-made laws put into place to keep us from celebrating our existance. In the novel Unwind, one of the characters claims, "You can not change human nature without first changing the law.", and I realized that many people only consider certain things to be wrong because they are illegal. A lot of raves are still illegal, but is it truely wrong to want nothing more than to dance in pure celebration of life at it's most ecstatic, hedonistic form?

And after all that, when compared to the "Angels" aka the people that remain silent and obediant and let others decide what's right, I truely consider myself a devil...and you know what? I'm proud of it.

...too much philosophy? Fine, here's another picture.


Hooray for Smart People

2011-01-19 16:58:12 by T3CHN0Fi3ND

Well, I recetly commented on a youtube video of the classic house track, "Rhythm Is A Dancer" by Snap!, and learned that there are still people unaffected by Mama Radio's brainwashing. Yay. It's good to see people supporting the essence of true music.

Included is a random De-mov poster I did. Enjoy.

Hooray for Smart People

It Sounds Like He Was Kicked Really Hard In The BALLZ.

2011-01-17 17:08:07 by T3CHN0Fi3ND

Oh how I dread my species' ability to detect an obvious ruse. The artist I claim to be so much better than (see my banner) has got a stranglehold on the media, and has infected the impressionable young minds of those around me. And it's not just in my town, all across the internet have I seen such disgustng activity. This boy is poisonous to the music industry, and yet I wonder, could he very well have been created by the corperations solely to be hated on? Surely they didn't think this kid was going to last...

But I digress. One day, he shall be expunged from the music world, and we shall laugh and sing and eat cakes so meticulously prepared as to celebrate his downfall. This has been Techno Fiend, thank you for reading.

It Sounds Like He Was Kicked Really Hard In The BALLZ.

New songs for U.

2011-01-16 15:57:12 by T3CHN0Fi3ND

Please ignore my atrocious use of the letter "U".

Anyway, my first Trance song has just been uploaded. When I first started making music, I told myself I would not make a trance song because there was too much of it, but I then remembered that it doesn't matter how much there is. If my song is truely worth something, it'll stand out amongst the millions of trance songs out there.

So, best o' luck to me, and I hope you all enjoy the song. Have a happy MLK tomorrow.

Thank you for the views!

2011-01-15 00:07:52 by T3CHN0Fi3ND

I know it's only a few, but to those of who you have checked out/download/voted on my songs, I'm deeply greatful. Now I shall recite words from DJ Coone & The Gang,

"I remember the day I first heard electronic music
I knew back then this illegal computer sound was gonna be my call
My heart got hooked on 4 by 4 beats
When house took his journey with Jack Chicago and Acid House
Now my heart is hooked forever
It's in my soul, in my veins
On my mind 24/7
I don't care if it's french-tek, hardstyle, hardcore, old school or jump
I don't understand people who are satisfied with ordinary pop music
They just listen to whatever radio stations decide they should like
Followed by an overkill of ring tone commercials meant for kids
And my god, they like it!
Some people even think that house clubs are for weirdos only!
Maybe they're right, maybe we are weird
Maybe this music is weird and maybe the clubs are overrated
But we're in this together, we're in this for the love of beats,
for the love of loops
If you're in the scene, being a DJ seems like a natural path to follow.
Ha, and back in the days DJ's were weird people who liked music in a weird way
Back then you would have to be a nerd to become a DJ
Nowadays everybody wants to be a DJ,
Nowadays everybody wants to be that nerd,
It sickens me, I hate those smart asses who think that DJ is an easy way to get laid.
Well .. Get a life!
If you're not in it for the love of the music, would you please fuck off!"--"Words From The Gang" by DJ Coone

Spoken like a true genius.

Thank you for the views!

Why hello there.

2011-01-12 18:19:54 by T3CHN0Fi3ND

I am T3CHN0 Fi3ND, and I'll be bringing you various kins of techno anthems for your enjoyment. Please enjoy.