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2011-03-29 20:39:10 by T3CHN0Fi3ND

Hey everybody! I've been off playing Metal Gear Solid for the first time in years, hence the title of today's post. Anyway, Spring Break is over, so to commemorate the fantastic week, I uploaded a new song. Hope you like it! And for some reason, the title got cut off, it's, "This Illegal Computer Sound".

Oh, and thanks to all those who brought Mental Animism up to a 4!

Today's Picture features characters from one of my favorite webcomics, Sabrina Online.


It's spring break mein bitches (for me at least)! Dance and have fun. And be responsible. You don't want this to end in an awful hangover, no matter how well it worked out for the guys in that movie.

Anyway, new song up. It's kinda the opposite of what Spring Break would feel like, being dark and powerful. But hey, it'll help ya cool off if things get to hot! Enjoy!

Included is a cuteness overload. Aren't ocelots adorable?!

I'm not drunk! I'm just exhausted because I've been up all night drinking.


2011-03-10 19:49:02 by T3CHN0Fi3ND

Sorry for the disappearance. My internet was down for a bit, but now I'm back! I'm 17 today, and to commemorate this event, I uploaded a new song! A happy hardcore track full of heavy beats and that circusy melody we all know and love. I hope you like it!

Included is another demotivational poster I made.


Extream Rageface

2011-02-24 18:58:12 by T3CHN0Fi3ND

A 0.57?! Are you fucking kidding me?! Well, I guess I'd better delete the freaking song since you hate it so goddamn much.


You look like you could use a wallet. WOULD'JA LIKE TO MAKE A WALLET?!

2011-02-24 18:09:42 by T3CHN0Fi3ND

I was FINALLY able to upload a new song today, "Chilla Fox & Ocelots". Trust me, I tried thrice last week to do so, but the site didn't work. I also uploaded a loop version of "In Love With Terpsichore". I find it odd that it already has a better score than the full version. *rageface*

Well, anyway, I hope you like it. Eh, that's pretty much all I'd like to be open with to the internet masses for today.

Another random picture included.

You look like you could use a wallet. WOULD'JA LIKE TO MAKE A WALLET?!

Happy Valentine's Day everyone! I gave hugs to pretty much everyone I knew since I believe in spreading love to everyone on a day like today. I was thinking about putting up a new song, but I've gotten kind of a frequency on uploading, and I'm running out of good songs to post, so I'm trying to space it out. I'll have a new one up sometime between Wednsday and Friday.

Included is kind of a love themed picture that is a background to one of my favorite songs. "Love Me Do (The Acolyte's Mix)" a true RAVE-styled track, complete with breakbeats, drum n' bass portions, high energy, and hard bass.

Ever notice Valentine's Day and Venereal Disease start with the same letters?

I want to thank the first three voters of "Thank You For The Music" who put it up to a 5, which I assume rarely happens considering I've only seen one song make it to a five. I kinda sorta thank the rest who voted it down to a 3, because even though you knocked me off the top of the house music page, I still appreciate you voting. A review would help though.

Included in the picture is proof TYFTM was at a five before I changed my icon.

And if you're wondering about the random titles I give my journals, today's was from a Youtube Poop known as "Daffy Duck Takes LSD To Perform Fellatio On A Rubber Chicken" by cs188. I suggest checking it out, as it's one of the most hilarious things I've ever seen.

Have a nice day!

Stand back motherfuckers! They shall sample my sample!

I'm suppah happy because my school got snowed out, ergo, I've had plenty of free time to waste.

I uploaded a new song. I made it for my sister for her birthday. She says she liked it, and I hope you all do too.

One last thing, I've recently found out about a fantastic furry webcomic known as "Sabrina Online", even if you aren't furry, you should at least check it out. It's pretty funny, especially Zig Zag, the local pornogropher. Here's a link: ml

Picture unrelated, but I love it.

~Storm clouds won't get much clearer, smile you bastard smile~!

Well, the site finally let me upload an icon on my page. That's Chip from Chip n' Dale, obviously plotting something naughty. Chipmunks rule. Squirrels too. Yeah.

Uploaded a new song yesterday, full of epic strings n' such. Hope you guys enjoy. I got a review faster than ever, less than 3 hours after uploading. *happydance*

Alrighty then, y'all come back now. Included is another random picture I like.

Your existance is meaningless without ICE CWEAM.

I have recently turned my Music History teacher onto my stuff. He claims to have heard "I Am Your Shadow" yesterday. Yay.

Anywhoo, I have compiled a bunch of reasons why I'm most likely a rabbit in a boy's body.

Reasons I Am Essentially A Rabbit In A Boy's Body:
1)I HATE losing contact with the ground. Pick me up and prepare for a good thrashing.
2)My power is in my legs. Srsly, I once moved nine 45-lb weights on a leg presser. That's 405 pounds.
3)I love fruit, and to rabbits, fruit is like candy, which is fitting since as much as I love it, I eat it rather sparingly.
4)I've got pretty good senses. My hearing, sight, and smell are rather exceptional.
5)My hair is extremely soft, like a rabbit's fur.
6)I'm gentle and playful in nature.
7)When brushed downward in front of my shoulders, my hair can resemble rabbit ears.
8)Jumping. I don't use it for transportation, but if you've ever seen me dance, that's pretty much what it consists of.
9)I tend to be, "well-received" by women than men. I've got about 8 Female Friends and 3 Male Friends, and of course, when was the last time you heard a man boldly declare, "I LOVE BUNNIES!"?
10)Lastly, a few of my friends have told me how much my face resembles a rabbit's. Yay.

Well, that's pretty much it for today. Oh, and I'm not sick, there's that. Included in today's post is a hilarious advertisement for Lion King Condoms.

Rabbit, rabbit, rabbit, rabbit, MELON! MELON!