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Rabbit, rabbit, rabbit, rabbit, MELON! MELON!

2011-02-03 18:33:43 by T3CHN0Fi3ND

I have recently turned my Music History teacher onto my stuff. He claims to have heard "I Am Your Shadow" yesterday. Yay.

Anywhoo, I have compiled a bunch of reasons why I'm most likely a rabbit in a boy's body.

Reasons I Am Essentially A Rabbit In A Boy's Body:
1)I HATE losing contact with the ground. Pick me up and prepare for a good thrashing.
2)My power is in my legs. Srsly, I once moved nine 45-lb weights on a leg presser. That's 405 pounds.
3)I love fruit, and to rabbits, fruit is like candy, which is fitting since as much as I love it, I eat it rather sparingly.
4)I've got pretty good senses. My hearing, sight, and smell are rather exceptional.
5)My hair is extremely soft, like a rabbit's fur.
6)I'm gentle and playful in nature.
7)When brushed downward in front of my shoulders, my hair can resemble rabbit ears.
8)Jumping. I don't use it for transportation, but if you've ever seen me dance, that's pretty much what it consists of.
9)I tend to be, "well-received" by women than men. I've got about 8 Female Friends and 3 Male Friends, and of course, when was the last time you heard a man boldly declare, "I LOVE BUNNIES!"?
10)Lastly, a few of my friends have told me how much my face resembles a rabbit's. Yay.

Well, that's pretty much it for today. Oh, and I'm not sick, there's that. Included in today's post is a hilarious advertisement for Lion King Condoms.

Rabbit, rabbit, rabbit, rabbit, MELON! MELON!


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